3rd International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Corfu, May 15-16, 2020


16th Audiovisual Arts Festival Post-event Video-Spot

Posted: 12-01-2024 12:37 | Views: 5208

The post-event video-spot of the 16th Festival of Audiovisual Arts which is held by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, in collaboration with the ERHMEE Lab - Department of Music Studies, of the Ionian University, in Corfu, Greece, is now available illustrating the range of scientific events and artistic activities that take place within the framework of the Festival.
Participations from undergraduate and postgraduate students, from lecturers and PhD candidates, invited artists consist the artistic program of the Festival, every year. Work exhibitions, film screenings, performances, interactions and concerts are held showcasing the artistic work of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts. At the same time, the research and education part of the Department is highlighted through the International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges (DCAC) and the season of seminars-workshops AV-school that take place in every organization of the Festival.

Video spot credits:
Directed by: Theodosis Giannoulis
Camera operation: Theodosis Giannoulis | George Pavlou
Editing: Theodosis Giannoulis
Music: Apostolos Loufopoulos
Coordination: Iakovos Panagopoulos | Hari Marini


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