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Call for Volunteers of the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival

Posted: 07-04-2023 13:09 | Views: 14967

The Steering Committee of the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival (#AVfest2023) of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, in collaboration with the ERHMEE Lab - Department of Music Studies, of the Ionian University invites students and anyone who is interested in joining the volunteers’ team.

This year the festival takes place 11 - 29 May 2023 in Corfu. We invite volunteers to support the organization before and during the festival period. The volunteer program aims to recruit people willing to take initiatives, exchange ideas and carry out necessary tasks. Volunteers can choose, according to their interests and available time, the field/fields and the activities in which they want to be involved (art events, scientific conference and educational workshops). Volunteers will receive a participation certificate. 

Fill out the related participation form and become a member of the volunteer team by helping in your own way: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ueaAlqBJScsk4pyLdikKM9_ZJlpSGyFsTMzo7G6mBIM/edit

Questions and information:
coordinators of the volunteers of the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival: Dr. Sophia Paschou spaschou@ionio.gr and Dr. Iakovos Panagopoulos panagopoulos@ionio.gr

Deadline: April 20th, 2023.

Steering Committee AVfest2023:

Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Head of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Konstantinos Tiligadis, Deputy Head of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Hari Marini, Head of Artistic Activities
Michalis Panagopoulos, Head of the Scientific Conference
Dalila Honorato, Head of Educational Activities 
Apostolos Loufopoulos, Head of Music Events


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