2nd International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Corfu, May 10-11, 2019

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Friday, May 10th 2019

Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 1: New Aesthetics - New Dimensions
Chair: Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
1.1 Fusion of Art and Technology: The First Color Digital Art x Lighting Symposium and Workshop Kyoko Hidaka Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo
1.2 Future Relics: Samples of Faith Cecilia Vilca Microscopía Electrónica y Aplicaciones en el Perú -MYAP, Peru
1.3 Digital Art and its Institutions through Data Analysis Janina Hoth, Rodrigo Guzman Danube University Krems, Austria
1.4 Influences of lighting characteristics to human perception in immersive virtual environments Stelios Zerefos, Antonios Koronaios Hellenic Open University, Greece
1.5 The challenge as an innovative approach to designing and composing the visual message. Investigating young creators` thoughts on provocative advertising and the disturbance of the visual and emotional quiescence that it brings Apostolos Kordas, Sophia Stratis University of West Attica, Greece
1.6 A copyright law for computer generated artworks: Under what philosophical theory? Towards which social ends? Maria Bottis Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Κεντρικός Ομιλητής
Chair: Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
  Escaping The Least Common Denominator – A Short History of the Social Design Studio Vienna Brigitte Felderer University of Applied Arts Vienna
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Special Session Guests 10/05/2019
Chair: Ioannis Zannos, Ionian University, Greece
  Assemblage Process Vouvoula Skoura  
  Affairs Anna Vassof University of Applied Arts Vienna
Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 2: Digital Culture and Technologies I
Chair: Barbara Dukas, Artistic Director - Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu
2.1 The fall of the fourth wall: technology, immersive theatre and the "experience economy" Mari Thynne, Kostas Amiridis, Martin Brigham, Norman Crump, Theodore Vurdubakis Centre for Technological Futures, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
2.2 The Art of Melancholy - Decoding Affective Spatialities in Video Game Environments Angeliki Malakasioti Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2.3 Mind games: Brain plasticity and cognition enhancement Antonia Plerou Ionian University, Greece
2.4 From Grid to Rhizome: a Rethinking of a Layout arrangement of the Post-digital Text Andrea Gogova FMC TBU Zlin, multimedia and design, Slovakia
2.5 A Virtual Tour in Ancient Worlds Nikos Konstantinou, Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, Iraklis Varlamis Ionian University, Greece, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece
2.6 Internet Culture Panagiotis Ioakimidis Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 3: Art and Technology
Chair: Andreas Floros, Ionian University, Greece
3.1 Contemporary Internet activism and its artistic perspectives Vasileios Bouzas University of Western Macedonia, Greece
3.2 The riverine Archive: AVR and preserving the contingency of digital heritage Alexandra Antonopoulou, Eleanor Dare University of the Arts London
3.3 Challenges of a Sound Artist: Can we listen without looking? Jacqueline Simon United States of America
3.4 ROAM: A Wearable Navigation Device Designed by Locals for Travelers Seeking an Ethical Experience Milan Gary The New School, Parsons School of Design, USA
3.5 Live coding in Music Theory courses Yannis Mygdanis, May Kokkidou European University Cyprus
3.6 A screen-less approach for visual Augmented Reality through dynamic image projection Panagiotis Triantafyllidis, Fotios Stergiou Creative Group Plastik, Greece
Ionian Academy
Saturday, May 11th 2019
DCAC-2019 Session 4: Digital Culture and Education I
Chair: Petros Angelopoulos, Regional Director of Education of the Ionian Islands, Greece
4.1 "Rendering" multimodal messages through visuals: An exploratory study of video effects in higher education Ilias Karasavvidis University of Thessaly, Greece
4.2 Audio Technology-Oriented Practices for Teaching Art to Primary School Pupils Emmanouel Rovithis, Agnes Papadopoulou, Andreas Floros Ionian University, Greece
4.3 "Origami Singing": exploring digital sensors and microprocessors in interactive art and STEAM education Adamantia Albani, Vasilis Pitsilis, Vasilis Agiomyrgianakis Ionian University, Greece, NCSR "Demokritos", Greece
4.4 Music, Technology and Education - A Theoretical Study, an Empirical Account and an Educational Proposal Andreas Kalogeras Primary and Secondary Education of the Ionian Islands, Epirus and Western Macedonia
4.5 Preliminary research on the design of a platform for developing educational applications focused in cultural heritage tourism with the use of augmented reality, mixed reality and gamification Konstantinos Kotsopoulos, Stavros Vlizos, Dimitrios Tsolis University of Patras, Greece, Ionian University, Greece
4.6 Approaching "Weird Wave". The use of theatrical form in contemporary Greek cinema and the use of these findings at "Teaching Technologies in Art Education" in Ionian University Iakovos Panagopoulos, Agnes Papadopoulou Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Special Session Guests 11/05
Chair: Michail Panagopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
  From the 2D Visual Art & Leonardo to the 4D Audiovisual Art & the Technartist Nikolaos Kanellopoulos Ionian University, Greece
  boattr - Immersive Video on the British Waterways Adnan Hadziselimovic University of Malta
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 5: Digital Culture and Education II
Chair: Ioannis Deliyannis, Ionian University, Greece
5.1 Interactive learning games: the importance of art-based production methodologies and aesthetics for the development of innovative content Polyxeni Kaimara, Georgios Miliotis, Marinos Pavlidis, Evangelia Koumantsioti, Aris Melachroinos, Ioannis Deliyannis Ionian University, Greece
5.2 You have the tablet, I have the cards, let's play together! Combining card-based games, puzzles, multimedia applications and learning content that support inclusive education scenarios Polyxeni Kaimara, Marinos Pavlidis, Evangelia Koumantsioti, Aris Melachroinos, Stavros Karakoutis, Vaggelis Pandis, Georgios Miliotis, Ioannis Deliyannis Ionian University, Greece
5.3 Undergraduate students' attitudes towards collaborative digital learning games Polyxeni Kaimara, Emmanuel Fokides, Andreas Oikonomou, Ioannis Deliyannis Ionian University, Greece, University of the Aegean, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)
5.4 Escape Room as learning environment: combining technology, theater and creative writing in education Zoi Karageorgiou, Eirini Mavrommati, Eleni Christopoulou Hellenic Open University, Ionian University, Greece
5.5 Back to the future: creating new u topiaS Eva Kekou AICA Hellas
5.6 Promoting cultural heritage via gamification and augmented reality Marios Magioladitis, Dimitrios Riggas, Eleni Christopoulou Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
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Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 6: Cultural Facets - Augmented Reality in Art
Chair: Nikitas M. Sgouros, University of Pireaus, Greece
6.1 The poetics of space in virtual reality - A critical analysis and approaches of spatial perception in 3D audio Aleksandar Vejnovic Darmstadt UAS, Germany
6.2 Augmented objects interacting with social media activity Caterina Antonopoulou University of the Aegean, Greece
6.3 Exploring Nonrepresentational Iconography and Opportunistic Interaction in the Design of Virtual Reality Experiences Nikitas M. Sgouros University of Pireaus, Greece
6.4 Softwork: What are humans useful for? Konstantinos Chorianopoulos Ionian University, Greece
6.5 Soundwalking and archiving, Convergences and tensions Angeliki Poulou Ionian University, Greece
6.6 Four Sons of Space. with an armor on or without. Matters of space and the image in art {and design} practice. The two dimensional and the three dimensional, the screen and the canvas in the post-digital era Maria- Elisavet Kampi School of Fine Arts, Greece
Ionian Academy
DCAC-2019 Session 7: Digital Culture and Technologies II
Chair: Michail Panagopoulos, Ionian University, Greece
7.1 Orders of the heard. The sacramental order Luc Messinezis, Apostolos Loufopoulos Ionian University, Greece
7.2 Turning Digital Humanities into a lisp machine Martin Carlé Ionian University, Greece
7.3 Live coding and Poetry: A text-driven synthesis technique in musical live coding Vassilis Agiomyrgianakis Ionian University, Greece
7.4 Greek Cinema and Representations of Disabled People – Autism Maria Papadopoulou Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
7.5 Designing and performing technology in digital storytelling workshops Geogre Metaxiotis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
7.6 Déjà vu Alkistis Georgiou Ionian University, Greece
Ionian Academy
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