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Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Corfu, May 10-11, 2019


Celebrating the closing of the 14th Audiovisual Arts Festival at the Ionian University

Posted: 14-07-2021 13:47 | Views: 22385

The 14th Audiovisual Arts Festival programme completed with great success its artistic, educational and scientific activities. The live activities lasted 18 days, from 13 to 31 May 2021. The participation of the public in the events of the festival, which included a series of seminars as well as an international conference, was high. The works of art as well as the presentations at the conference will remain available on the festival and DCAC websites for ON DEMAND reproduction until the end of June 2021. The annual festival of the Ionian University is an organization of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts (AVarts) and the Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications (ERIMEE) - Department of Music Studies.

This year, the festival took place online with extremely positive development through a program in which over 400 students, 30 teachers, 20 artists and 60 researchers presented their works. The free cycle of workshops in contemporary art and new technologies AV-school had a remarkable participation where the trainees attended seminars conducted by prominent guest artists and experts. The conference "Digital Cultures and AudioVisual Challenges" (DCAC), organized every year by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, was bestowed as a two-day marathon of intense research content, counting with keynote presentations by two personalities from the new media field, Georgios N Yannakakis and Daniel Ballin. Among others, the program of the 14th Audiovisual Arts Festival was also highlighted by the participation of internationally renowned artists in the field of Performing Arts, such as Mary Zygouri, Filippos Tsitsopoulos and Giannis Mitrou, as well as in the field of Bioart, Marta de Menezes and Adam Zaretsky.

Remarkable was the festival’s collaboration with the European Art, Science, Technology Network in Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC) in the organization of a variety of actions that are at the pinnacle of the global dialogue on digital creativity technologies. The connection with local artistic and educational institutions is also to be emphasized. The now institutionalized collaboration, internationalization and extroversion of the Festival was extended to the cooperation with the Institute for Digital Arts from the Academic Educational Center 'TIMENOS' of the University of Western Macedonia, the Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association, the Drama Pitching Lab of the Drama Short Film Festival, the organization Cultivamos Cultura from Portugal, the Corfu Photography Association and the Corfu Scout Committee. The support of the Municipality of Corfu and the the Ionian Islands Region was important this year as well, emphasizing the close cooperation of the local governmental institutions with the Ionian University in the direction of cultural enrichment. Finally, the Ionian University underlines the support of the OPEN ART program of the Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (KEDIVIM) as well as the Research Team in Art & Science and the Web Team of the Interactive Arts Laboratory without which the online hosting of this year's festival would not be possible.

Finally, the steering committee of the 14th Audiovisual Arts Festival warmly thanks its audiences for their support to all the actions throught these days: the particularly encouraging comments strengthen the efforts for the next Audiovisual Arts Festival!

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