TTTlabs: BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) II - Crete, Spring 2024 - call for applications open!

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Applications are now open for TTTlabs: BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) II - Spring 2014, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and the Ionian University within the Feral Labs Network. Dedicated to issues related to new reproductive technologies, TTTlabs: BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) II under the theme New Repro-Zombie Studies (NR-ZS) - Undead Bioart / Bodyart on the Beach is taking place on 5-14 April 2024 (on-place) on the island of Crete. 

TTTlabs: BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) II is a nine day highly speculative autonomous skill-share event of intense co-creation, co-education and co-development. Exploring advances in new reproductive technology through informal bridging of art and science through DIY (do-it-youself), DIWO (do-it-with-others), DITO (do-it-together) culture methodologies, TTTlabs BFBC NR-ZS focuses  on understanding Fertilization through topics in: Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Germline Gene Editing and Zombie Studies.

The organization offers workshops, as well as accommodation and food, free of charge to a limited number of participants (max 8). Applications are open for the following fields of expertise: Bioartists, Performance Artists, Gynecologists, Biologists, Video Jockeys (VJs), Biohackers / Makers, Body - Horror / Science - Fiction Writers, Science Technology Studies Scholars, New Reproductive Technology Specialists, Body Artists, Psychologists, Genetic Counselors and Animal Studies Ethnographers / Scientists or other related fields. Evaluation of candidates is made by a qualified international selection committee. Selection criteria are the proposed project and relevant experience to the object of the call demonstrated in the application form. The organization is committed to gather a diverse group of participants (age, gender identification, origin, sexual orientation, class, differently abledness, and any other underrepresented or divergent non-normative groups) willing to explore advances in new reproductive technology through informal education and DIY methods

Deadline for applications: 1 February 2024 | Results announcement: 15 February 2024

Apply here  

No application fees. Please check all information on our website before applying.

Inspired by the thematic of the conference Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science, these activities are organized as part of the project Rewilding Cultures which is coordinated by Projekt Atol (Slovenia) with partners Makery (France), The Culture Yard (Denmark), Schmiede (Austria), Bioart Society (Finland), Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal), Ionian University (Greece) and Radiona (Croatia). 

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