Lab Crew

WhiteFeather Hunter

WhiteFeather is an internationally recognized Canadian artist and scholar, and PhD in Biological Art through SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia. Her transdisciplinary practice intersects technofeminism, witchcraft, and micro/cellular biology with performance, new media, and craft. Her work is currently exhibited at Duende Art Museum (China) with collaborator, Jiabao Li.

Photo credits: Hugo B. Lefort

Marko Markovic

Marko Markovic is artist researcher interested in self organized societies engaged in transformational environments with performative strategies as communication towards public space. He is exploring emphatic relationships between species in extreme living conditions considering sound and body as an impulse for interaction. Currently curator of Galerie Utopia, a hub for art and activism.

Kim Doan Quoc
Kim Doan Quoc works and lives in Paris (FR) where she is a resident artist at DOC! Her art practice extends to different mediums: installations, video and performances. Her body of works uses various representations of the body, genders and flora to question the place of humans within nature. 

Photo credits: Romain Guede
Wave (Weeratouch) Pongruengkiat

Thai artist and engineer Wave Pongruengkiat merges technical prowess with artistic expression, collaborating with local talents to explore the juncture of art and tech. Passionate about posthumanism and animism, he advocates for a deeper connection with nature and AI, bridging tradition with innovation for a sustainable future.

Natalie Jeremijenko

Natalie Jeremijenko is an artist and engineer whose background includes studies in biochemistry, physics, neuroscience and precision engineering. She is an active member of the movement, and her work primarily explores the interface between society, the environment and technology.

Prathima Muniyappa
Prathima Muniyappa serves as a research assistant for MIT Media Lab's Space Enabled group. A PHD candidate in Media Arts and Sciences, she focuses on social justice, democratic access, and indigenous agency. Her research explores alternative cosmologies' role in techno-imaginaries, spanning space exploration, synthetic biology, and extended intelligence.
Anastasia Mandel

Anastasia Mandel, a Performance Artist and Biohacker/Maker with a passion for 80's gore body horror films, merges art with the pioneering research of Swiss physician Marthe Voegeli in male contraceptive methods. She focuses on DIY tools, reproductive rights, and blending medical and social aspects into speculative art for wider dissemination and exploration.

Shih Wei Chieh

Shih Wei Chieh, an artist and maker, explores diverse mediums, including laser-altered photography on textiles and DIY solar cells. He founded "Tribe Against Machine," blending indigenous textiles with e-textiles in Taiwan. Now a Ph.D. student at Yang Ming Ciao Tung University, he delves into cognitive science and AI philosophy using electro-optical systems and deep learning.

Lab Interns

Viktoria Koniaeva

Viktoria Koniaeva, with a degree in Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting, now pursues Informatics at Ionian University. A language teacher for 8 years, she explores neuro-linguistics for enhanced language acquisition. Intrigued by Tarot reading and entomology, she symbolically engages with diverse communication methods.

Kelly Tarenidi
Kelly is an interdisciplinary artist, with a first degree in Philosophy, Education, and Psychology. Currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, her practice spans painting, AI animation, performance, dance, and visual poetry. With a keen interest in AI, she explores its theory and practice.
Elli Leventeri

Elli Leventeri, an Athens School of Fine Arts student, explores trauma, healing, and queerness through sculpture, photography, video art, performance, and digital painting. Her inspiration stems from nature, the human body, and the occult.

Serafim Parsaloglou Marathias

Selected as the documentarist in residency, Serafim Parsaloglou Marathias is currently pursuing a degree in Audiovisual Arts at the Ionian University and has experience as a camera trainee and assistant, ie. "Goddard Knows the Truth" and "Goodwin Island", and as a production assistant, ie. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”.


TTTseers are recognized for their unique art practice based research potential in the field of speculative artificial reproduction technologies. They provide their insights throughout the running period of BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC).

Ken Rinaldo

Ken Rinaldo is internationally recognized for interactive art installations developing hybrid ecologies with animals, algorithms, plants, and bacterial cultures. His practice is a platform for hacking complex social, biological, and machine symbionts. Living systems have always been THE tool to interrogate technology critically; now enacting evolutionary emergent, self-aware, software agents.

Elizabeth Littlejohn

Elizabeth Littlejohn is a communications professor, human rights activist, photojournalist, and filmmaker, who focuses on sustainable design. Her work has been shown in film festivals internationally. She directed The City Island, a feature-length documentary about the razing of homes on Toronto Island, and the Islanders’ stewardship of this park system.

Yiannis Melanitis


Yiannis Melanitis pursuits contemporary art strategies, emphasizing information's pivotal role as the new conceptualization. He researches Biological Dynamics in Art and genetically modified the Leda Melanitis butterfly. His exhibitions span globally, including prestigious venues like Ars Electronica and MACRO Museum.

Feral Visitors

Uroš Veber
Uroš Veber spearheads projects bridging art and science, focusing on international contemporary art, citizen science, and informal education. He fosters learning and creative communities through capacity building programs and advocates for NGOs in arts and culture. He leads Projekt Atol in the Rewilding Cultures project and contributes to the More-than-Planet consortium.

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