We would like to congratulate the following crew members of our TTTlabs- New Repro-Rebirthing Retreat (NR-RR) 2023 taking place from 5-14 May 2023 in-person on the island of Corfu.

Updated: 20-04-2023

Lab Crew

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir

Stefanía Ólafsdóttir is an interdisciplinary artist working with water as a point of departure. Stefanía dives into the material and political implications of bodily fluids and their biopolitical complexities. Stefanía sees a future in which we will have to radically rethink our relationship to nature and our place in her theater, now that the stage is crumbling. Manifesting through staged speech performances and solo expeditions with the earth, Stefanía wants to play with this future, to fiction and daydream the self into new possibilities, new kinships. Occupying Stefanía’s praxis are concerns for xenofeminist thinking, post-human dreaming and queer fictioning as the artist delves into  personal herstory and (dis?)entangle the forms of (re)productive labor which makes one being possible. 

Photo Credit: Jesse Glazzard

Daisy Fairclough

Muffin is a transcendental chaos clown, performer and womb and fertility massage therapist. Incorporating chaos magic and physical somatic therapies into smashing order and redefining liberation. Muffin trained professionally in performance and worked in tv film and theater till seeing the darkness through the veil of the mainstream industry, she quit  in favor of a psycho chaos magik existence. Using her Clowning Muffin attempts to create chaos and generate thought around the eternal meaningfulness of meaninglessness through creating space for people to liberate screams and free themselves of the chains of identity.  Muffin’s work with many women, assisting them in their fertility journeys and/or understanding their womb space in more of a somatic approach, this connected with her work as a performer and clown, creates a new and unique epicenter for the growth of the limited mind in its approach to birth and reproductive technology. Incorporating performance art into a rebirthing ritual process, she brings forth the transcendental clown, steeped with stupidity, hypocrisy, vulnerability and divinity. She holds space and expands all boundaries, giving growth to the new ways of existing.

Kalan Shh! / enormousface

enormousface is a slime mold who lives in a [w]hole in time with a mangled [w]horde of feral pups. xE performs obtuse interventions into collapsitalism, tours doing something with puppets, and has organized garbage festivals around North Am and Europe. Evincing an ontological interest in Nothingness and Abjection as a beard for ______ [expletive deleted], xE is also a student of Comparative Literature, and a grantee of the Jim Henson Foundation -- Some puppet shows include: The Morphology of XOS, which topographically and psycho-ecologically describes a kind of seething demonic porn planet birthed from the vagina dentata of a futuristic trans anarchist superher@; Offal Unstory, an anti-narrative arc that uses waste objects to attack the tradition of storytelling; and the classic "Anarchist Puppet Show". In times of Yore, the NYC streets and subways hosted xErr stupidly pretentious 'Not-Happenings' and 'Performance Carts' for thousands of years, and police authorities periodically arrested xErr across Amerika for things they tried valiantly to describe in their quite poetic reports. Some parts of enormousface are also parts of a multiplicity of other groups and nodes, most recently the Creatures From the Hole [and the Daughters of Shit] Film and Poetry Collective, who are working on a book. Let's do Nothing! Time for Space, and Make Life Scratch. Remember to Forget. It's... [ FULL STOP ]

Mary Maggic

Mary Maggic (b. 1991, Los Angeles) is a nonbinary Chinese-American artist and researcher working within the fuzzy intersections of body and gender politics and capitalist ecological alienations. Based in Vienna since 2017, Maggic frequently uses biohacking as a xeno-feminist practice of care that serves to demystify invisible lines of molecular biopower. After completing their Masters at MIT Media Lab (Design Fiction), their project “Open Source Estrogen” was awarded Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica '17 in Hybrid Arts, and in 2019 they completed a 10-month Fulbright residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia investigating the relationship between Javanese mysticism and the plastic pollution crisis. Maggic is a recipient of the 2022 Knight Arts + Tech Fellowship, and their work has exhibited internationally including Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona (ES), Philadelphia Museum of Art (US), Science Gallery London (UK), Migros Museum of Contemporary Art (CH), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (DE), Jeu de Paume (FR), Museum of Contemporary Art Tuscon (US), Haus der elektronischen Kunst (CH), Institute of Contemporary Arts London (UK), Art Laboratory Berlin (DE), Akbank Sanat (TR), and Jogja National Museum (ID). They are a current member of the online network Hackteria: Open Source Biological Art, the laboratory theater collective Aliens in Green, the Asian feminist collective Mai Ling Vienna, as well as a contributor to the radical syllabus project Pirate Care and to the online Cyberfeminism Index. 

Dann Disciglio

Dann Disciglio (b.1993) is a US-based intermedia artist whose research-practice investigates contemporary ecologies through both analog and digital experimentation. Disciglio works with and for non-human subjects (such as trees, plants, grass, molds, and bacteria) to stage eclectic sonic performances and compositions, multimedia installations and sculptures, and texts in which future-naturalisms are encountered. 

Chanee Choi

Chanee Choi is a transdisciplinary artist. She has developed a ritualistic craft-based art practice that transcends the conservative and isolationist roots of traditional East Asian craftwork by focusing on a celebration of feminist theory and modern tech. Within this hybrid genre, she produces both embodied and virtual immersive experiences exploring the effect of immigration on issues of identity, and the synesthetic processes of corporeal-cognitive space. Her work has been published in UW News, UW College of Arts & Sciences, GeekWire, International Examiner, Seattle Times, KUOW National Public Radio, KING-TV, Blitz Valletta, ISEA2022 Barcelona, SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 and WIRED magazine. 

Sara Cowdell

Sara Cowdel is a New Zealand performance artist, facilitator and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. She is the director and founder of Performance Art Week Aotearoa, as well as an independent curator. As a performance artist, Cowdell utilizes multiple modalities including action, costume, somatics, and ethnography to explore society through a formalized and qualitative intimacy. Cowdell’s work strives for a raw viscerality and lingers on the uncomfortable textures of lived experience. Cowdell works extensively with site-specific practices and has created and presented work in numerous political, natural, and unusual sites, alongside traditional arts spaces. Alongside her own practice she works facilitating and curating situations for adhoc performance to take place, allowing people to further deepen their connection with body, space, object and time. She has curated and facilitated over fifty performance events, workshops, discussions and exhibitions. She works extensively to both present performance art and to develop performance art practises across New Zealand, Australia and the world. 

Angelina Almukhametova
Angelina Almukhametova is a US-based artist whose work interfaces neon sculpture with digital technologies, analog synthesizers, and custom built software to create responsive light and sound installations and performances. She holds a BFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2020) and has exhibited work and performed in New York City, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Zürich, and Iceland. She has led workshops at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL), Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL), and Lewis & Clark College (Portland, OR). In 2022, she was a hacker in residence at the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society in Zürich, Switzerland.


TTTseers are recognized for their unique art practice based research potential in the field of speculative artificial reproduction technologies. They provide their insights throughout the running period of BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC).

Maria Antelman

Maria Antelman is an artist working with photography, sculpture, sound and animation. She approaches technological progress from a feminine perspective, reevaluating our connection to mother-nature, our historical past, technology and the Self. Recently her works have been presented at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Visual Art Center in the University of Texas in Austin, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens and at the Bemis Center in Omaha NE. She has been an artist in residence at Silver Arts Projects at the World Trade Center, at Pioneer Works and the International Studio & Curatorial Program, all in New York City. Antelman holds an MFA in New Genres from Columbia University and a BA in Art History from the Complutense University in Madrid. She lives and works in New York and in Athens.

Laura Rodriguez
Artist working in the intersection of science, technology and design. She graduated with a degree in Engineering and Biotechnology (MX) and later obtained a master's degree in Molecular Biology and a second master's in Art&Science, with a specialization in Bioart (RU). Her works integrate living systems and new media tools to reveal hidden connections, empathy and kinship between species. She has worked as a curator and developer of academic courses and workshops on art and science. She curated exhibitions in Art and Technology in Saint Petersburg, Russia as "Staying with the trouble" and the remote garden inside the ArsElectronica Festival at ITMO University and AIR Gallery (RU). Her artworks integrate Mexican folklore and posthuman philosophies with the new media of science and speculative design. She was awarded the Kuryokhin prize in the Art&Science category in 2021 and currently works independently as an artist in The Netherlands.

Feral Visitors

Rüdiger Wassibauer
Rüdiger Wassibauer is the co-founder and director of the Schmiede Hallein, the playground of ideas. Schmiede is a large cooperative festival, where our ideas come to play, annually for 10 days since 2003. Rüdiger’s topics are community building, inspiration and the intersection between art and science, new media and maker movement with a focus on cooperation.
Elsa Ferreira
A freelance journalist with degrees in law and journalism, Elsa Ferreira specializes in technology, innovation, collaborative economy and music economy. Assistant chief editor of Makery since June 2022, Elsa Ferreira also works for publications such as Tsugi, Libération, Stylist, GQ or Rue89.
Erik Knudsen

Erik Knudsen is a filmmaker and Professor of Media Practice at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the UK, where he is also the Faculty Director of Research for the Faculty of Culture and Creative Industries. Prior to joining UCLan, Erik was a Professor of Visual and Digital Culture at Bournemouth University’s Media School. He has also been Professor of Film Practice at the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, where he was for a period of time Head of the School of Media, Music and Performance. During his many years at the University of Salford, Erik also acted as the University of Salford’s Director of Graduate Studies. As a multiple prize winning filmmaker, his most recent feature films include True Calling (88 minutes, fiction, 2021), Cleft Lip (84 minutes, fiction, 2018), The Raven On The Jetty (88 minutes, fiction, 2015).

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