We are happy to organize the first TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) during May 5-14, 2023 at Bioporos Organic Farm. Located at the southwest part of the island, the farm spreads across an imposing olive grove of 70 acres and is one of the few ecotourism accommodations in Corfu, in a unique location right next to Lake Korission, which is unspoiled as it is protected by Natura 2000. Created by a family, Bioporos is a place that cultivates olive trees, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and cares for a small beekeeping unit, a flock of sheep and several poultries, having developed mild and natural forms of farming without using industrial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our host Criton advice to all participants is to feel free to explore the cedar forest and the sand dunes, watch the birds and animals, admire herbs in their natural grown form and enjoy the opportunity for hiking, participation in or just observation of the daily farm activities.

Either you choose to come to Corfu by sea or by air, Bioporos is located about 22 km away from Corfu town. The route is smooth, mainly using National and Provincial Roads, while the last kilometers becomes a little more adventurous as you enter an unspoiled rural area.

  • By bus

From the Green Bus Station get on lines B1, B6 or B12 and get off on the bus stop “Alevropari” (ask the driver to inform you when). From there to Bioporos it is a pleasant 15 minutes walk but if you contact us on time and tell us the time of your arrival and the bus line that you will use our car will be waiting for you to pick you up and take you to Bioporos.
Check the timetable and how to get to the Green Bus Station here https://greenbuses.gr/routes-en 

  • By car

To get to Bioporos all you have to do is, just when you are about to exit the airport’s area, turn left to Epar.Od Vrionis-Agiou Nikolaou to Melitiei and drive along the street for 3.1km till you reach the crossroad of Chrisiida. At the crossroad of Chrisiida, turn left following the signs towards Benitses/Moraitika and keep driving along the street for 14 more kilometers. Next, you will meet a roundabout, in which you have to take the second exit towards Epar.Od. Pontis-Messogis for 1.4 kilometers and turn left in the next crossroad driving for 2.2km more until you meet a crossroad where you’ll have to turn right and enter the rural area near Bioporos farm. After driving for 600m you take a slight right U-turn in the rural road and you drive for another 400m turning slightly left to the next crossroad. Drive for 300 more meters and you will reach Bioporos.

  • By private transfer

Alternatively you can contact Bioporos informing them on the time of your arrival and they can organize a ride from the airport to Bioporos Organic Farm with one of their family cars.

We will be staying at two beautiful and cosy two-floor houses built and decorated in order to tone in the rural and traditional philosophy of the farm and the general area. Carefully selected wooden furniture give an excellent traditional decorative approach to the houses while mattresses and pillows made by natural latex, cotton linen and wool quilts are waiting for you to enjoy healthy sleeps. Both houses come with two bathrooms and kitchen facilities. The farm also provides space for camping to the participants who are willing to stay closer to nature. A few requests from our hosts at Bioporos Organic Farm:

  • Avoid wasting water: Please turn off the taps when you don’t really need to use water.
  • Please use only biodegradable detergents and soaps: Almost every detergent and soap that is being sold at the moment is based on oil extracts and phosphates, resulting in huge water pollution in seas, lakes and rivers, where the wash out reaches after someone ends his shower. In Bioporos there is a biological wastewater treatment system installed which is based on the properties of active micro-organisms. This is what additionally gives the farm the opportunity to reuse the water to their crops. Having the concept of sustainably using natural resources in mind, the usage of detergents and soaps based on oil extracts is forbidden in Bioporos farm. Upon your arrival you will be given free soaps, shampoos etc based on olive oil, essential oils and other natural ingredients.
  • Use electricity responsibly: Unfortunately, Greece is among the countries that produce power based in lignite extraction. The amount of carbon produced is therefore very high and it is very dangerous for the environment and the human health as during the process of combustion, huge amounts of CO2 are released. By limiting the electricity consumption during your stay at Bioporos farm, you contribute actively in our effort to reduce the amount of the farm’s carbon footprint. Please shut down all the lamps and devices before leaving the house, remember to turn off the lights when you don’t need it and don’t leave the A/C on while you are outside.

Bioporos Organic Farm
Vrakaniotika Lake Korission, 49080 Corfu - Greece
Phone +30 26610 76224

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Updated: 10-04-2023

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