The organization is committed to gather a diverse group of participants (age, gender identification, origin, sexual orientation, class, differently abledness, and any other underrepresented or divergent non-normative groups). Applications are open for the following fields of expertise: Bioartists, Performance Artists, Gynecologists, Biologists, Video Jockeys (VJs), Biohackers / Makers, Body - Horror / Science - Fiction Writers, Science Technology Studies Scholars, New Reproductive Technology Specialists, Body Artists, Psychologists, Genetic Counselors and Animal Studies Ethnographers / Scientists or other related fields. Applications are free and open until 28 February 2023. Results to be announced on 15 March 2023.

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* Describe what do you expect to get out of TTTlabs, what kind of speculative project would you like to get involved in and how you might like to collaborate on concepts of new reproductive technology emphasizing informal understanding (ex. ovum collection, artificial womb technology, group beach rebirthing ritual process performance, bioart and/or performance art practices. (brief outline max 1500 characters):
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