The positive impact of using art into ICT projects in primary education
Date and Time: 14/10/2022 (10:00-11:45)
Evangelia Petraki
Keywords: ICT, art, primary education

ICT is a separate school subject in Greek primary education that aims to give students digital skills in the use of specific software and at the same time to teach them computer programming, thus enhancing their algorithmic thinking, problem solving ability and creativity. The purpose of this paper is to present the experience from 10 years teaching of the ICT subject in Greek primary schools, regarding the effect that the use of art had on the ICT projects. Specifically, primary school students during the ICT lesson had the opportunity to work on the ICT projects using art (paintings, music, theater, etc.). As a result, several ICT projects were created during the period of 10 years which incorporate art e.g., computer programs, digital comics, video presentations about science, literature, culture etc. Findings from this experience were positive since all students had the opportunity to contribute to ICT projects, to express themselves in different ways, to use computer programming environments like scratch, Alice etc., to get familiar with image, audio, video processing software etc. Through these projects students were able to give “voice” and “emotions” to computers/robots/programs. At the same time, teamwork and students’ cooperation were strengthened, the interdisciplinary nature of the projects and self-confidence of the students were encouraged since all students were able to contribute to a project according to their preferences. Equally important is the fact that through the interdisciplinary nature of these projects, art is used in ICT projects to enhance the acquired knowledge of both ICT and other school subjects.


EUTIC 2022

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