International Conference

Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges

Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology

Corfu, June 1-2, 2018


The submission period is over. Thank you for your interest and participation. 

As part of the International Conference, the Department of Audio and Visual Arts wishes to organize a team of volunteers, open to anyone with a drive to help the DCAC Conference through their own special knowledge and skills.

The volunteers are needed not only during the conference but also during the preparation period. The volunteer programme aims to recruit people willing to take initiatives, exchange ideas and carry out necessary tasks.

Besides, volunteers have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain useful experience in their field of study and area of interest. Every volunteer can choose the field he/she wants to work in, according to his/her skills and his/ her available time. Become a member of the volunteer team and help us in your own way.

List of Volunteers:

Nikolaou Konstantinos
Kasfiki Lydia
Chatzianastasiou Eleftherios
Gargalianou Afroditi
Korda Eleni
Gatsiou Myrto-Georgia
Gavriilidou Konstantina
Passakou Pinelopi
Pavlidis Marinos
Koumantsioti Evagelia
Zabelaki Georgia
Melachroinos Aris
Lazelis Leonidas
Skartsili Eleni
Peroulis Christos
Asproudi Ioanna
Mourava Maria
Tsifteli Maria
Beleri Panagiota

Updated: 18-12-2019
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