Workshops of the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival

Posted: 18-04-2016 14:37 | Updated: 28-04-2016 17:39 | Views: 8753

Under the 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, the following special thematic workshops are organized:

Open and free online participation form [UNTIL 06/05/2016]

  1. Extreme bodies - sumo, butoh and performance art
  2. An Overview of Game Sound
  3. Street and spatial stories: The poetics and politics of walking
  4. Mapping: thinking about maps and visualization
  5. Comic Translation Workshop: Α practical approach
  6. Words Lost and Found: A Creative Writing Workshop through Unequal Words
  7. Moving Beyond the Habitual: Somatic Pedagogy in Performance Training
  8. Video Art: The use of Technology in Art
  9. Curating Hybrid Arts
  10. DIY HYBRID DNA ISOLATION: How to Extract DNA from Anything Living
  11. ICT and Collaborative Creativity in Modern School towards Knowledge Society
  12. The transgression of our musical identity: from the romantic folk to the transgressive rebetiko and from the touristic Zorba’s syrtaki to the psychedelic post-folk of the 21th century
  13. Sound over LAN
  14. Participating camera and embodied filmmaking: shooting (in) the fieldwork
  15. Walking Traces: Walking in the Fine Arts and in the Audiovisual Arts

Participation certificates will be given at the end of the workshops.

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