Guest lecture by Dr. Eleni Kolliopoulou under the title: "The body as text: The interaction between body-technology in performance art"

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On Wednesday December 14th, 2022, (17:00-19:00 pm), Dr. Dalila Honorato, and Dr Tania Tsiridou, docents of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, invite you to the guest lecture “The body as text: the interaction between body and technology in performance art” by the post-doc researcher Dr. Eleni Kolliopoulou. The lecture will be hybrid (room YK3 and online), within the frame of the course "Semiotic Analysis of New Media" of the Postgraduate Programme in Audiovisual Arts "MA: Audiovisual Arts in the Digital Age". It is supported by the Laboratory of Interactive Arts (InArts Lab).

More about the presentation

“As a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, I will initially approach the current process of my art-based research while connecting it with my background as visual artist. Subsequently, I will introduce philosophical perspectives on the body that influence the ‘reading’ of the body in contemporary performance art. In particular, it will be presented part of the works by innovative and multifaceted artists ORLAN and Stelarc During the lecture participants will be requested to contribute to the discussion as they interact with the presented content”.

More about the guest lecturer:

Eleni Kolliopoulou is a mixed media artist particularly interested in the conjunction between art and philosophy. She approaches the body as a vehicle and as a container of non-verbal meanings. Part of her artistic work comprises videos that include performances which she usually composes in a broader landscape adding cinematographic and poetic elements. 

Eleni Kolliopoulou has a Doctoral degree from the Department of Art and Design, Drama - Ulster University (NI) under the topic: “The body of the relationship. A practice-based exploration of the relationship between the body and its environment informed by the notion of Butoh-body”. She has BA and MA degrees in Painting by the Fine Arts Academy of Turin (Italy) and a BA degree in Philosophy of Science from the University of Athens. Currently, with the support of H.F.R.I., she conducts post-doctoral research at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Ionian University under the title "Enacting multi-sensory embodiment: exploring the deepening of subjective time embodiment in mixed media performative art praxis via the lens of Butoh notation".

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