Nikos Kanellopoulos

Professor N. Kanellopoulos was the Head of the Audiovisual Arts Department (2017-2020) & (2007-2012) and Member of the General Assembly of the Regional Development Department (2017-2020) of the Ionian University. He has served as Member and Vice-President of the Ionian University Council (2013-2017), as VicePresident of the Computer Science Department of the Ionian University (2005-2007), as faculty member of the Archives & Library Science Department of Ionian University (2003-2007), as faculty member of the Computer Science Engineering & Informatics Department of Patras University (1987-2003), as Quality Assurance Director of the Athens Stock Exchange Depository (2000-2002) and as President for the Greek National School of Dance (2000-2002).

Since 1987 he has directed more than 50 National and European R&D projects in the fields of Computer System Architecture, e-government and Information Technology Applications, such as the Athens Stock Exchange Trading System (1995-2002) and the Ministry of Press & Mass Media IT System (2001-2006) development.

Emeritus Professor N. Kanellopoulos has served in the Board of Directors of various public and private institutions of IT and Culture, such as the Computer Technology Institute of Patras University, the Hellenic Computer Association, the Greek National School of Dance and the “Simple Theatre” of Athens.

His published work includes 3 international patents, 8 thesis/books, over 120 scientific papers/studies, 2 theatre plays and various literature essays. He has presented his opinion in the mass media on various scientific and cultural matters. Currently, his main research interest is in the investigation of digital technology application in interactive Audiovisual Art systems (including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) and in the cognitive perception of the Third & Fourth spatial Dimension. Other activities include architecture, agriculture, hang gliding, sailing, scuba diving, parachuting, skiing, mountaineering, photography and Video Art.

TITLE: Quantum Dialogos between a TechnArtist & a Machine

So, what if …

  • my physical transducers are 3D?
  • the space I comprehend is 4D?
  • the machine I communicate with is Quantum?
  • my late Grandmother lives in a Moon Hotel?

How, Plato would have told a quantum allegory story then?


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